RCAF Marchpast

This excellent march is identical to the Royal Air Force march which was written shortly after the formation of the Royal Air Force in April 1918, by the first officer directing music, Sir Walford Davies. His successor, Sir George Dyson, added the especially beautiful trio. The march is treasured by, and identified with, airmen and became widely known, especially through broadcasting. It is particularly appropriate that the composition has been adopted by the Canadian Air Force because of the many thousands of Canadian airmen who fought either with British squadrons in both World Wars, or under Canadian command in the Royal Canadian Air Force in World War II. The march contains elements of music associated with the now disbanded Royal Flying Corps and Royal Naval Air Service as well as the British Army and Royal Navy. Although the Royal Canadian Air Force was formed April 1, 1924, it was not until 1943, when the RCAF was so heavily committed in the air war over Britain and Europe that permission was granted to use the march. The RCAF Marchpast was retained by the air element of the Canadian forces after unification of the Services in 1968.

Through adversities we'll conquer
Blaze into the stars,
A trail of glory
We'll live on land and sea
'till victory is won.
Men in blue the skies are winging,
In each heart one thought is ringing.
Fight for the right,
God is our might,
We shall be free.